This year my focus has been on all forms of creative expression. From drawing and design, to music, writing and dance, I want to be able to share with you whatever form my creativity takes.

Over the coming months, I will be releasing music that captures the story of love from beginning to the end and I will also be releasing new creations that I have been working on for some time.

This evolution of Junk Republic feels like a natural progression for me, helping me accept all parts of who I am and why I do what I do under one creative banner while maintaining the sustainable values I always had.

Eco Friendly Products


At Junk Republic we work with fabrics that contain between 70 – 90% recycled components.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aquafil, creators of ECONYL® 100% regenerated yarn that we use in both our active and swimwear. ECONYL® nylon fibre is made of pre and post-consumer waste including fishing nets, nylon scraps and carpet fibres and is sourced from Italy. Why so far you ask?

Currently, there are limited options available locally to provide the right textures and stretch to be suitable for active and swimwear. We looked for fabrics that will stand the test of time, to ensure that we are producing garments that will last, in an effort to not only reduce our impact on the planet but to ensure that you continue to love them year after year.

Watch the inspiring fishing net recovery from the depth of our oceans below and learn more about the ECONYL® Regeneration System here.

Junk Republic Recycled Fabrics


At Junk Republic we are committed to transparency. We acknowledge that sustainable and ethical practices require ongoing commitment to achieving the best that we can through educating ourselves, our Customers and our suppliers of the possibilities, and implementing all necessary steps in striving towards zero waste production and world leading ethical practices. We welcome all questions, feedback and ideas from our Customers for improvements across our supply chain to help us with our continuous improvement philosophy in running both a sustainable and an ethically focused business. To me, our brand values symbolise what we are striving for, and have outlined below what we are currently doing to meet our goals in this space.


At Junk Republic we value the planet and its limited resources. We also believe in our power to contribute to positive change and shape the future of the planet through responsible choices. During our journey from conception to inception we sought to challenge ourselves to finding and committing to the most sustainable approach for creating our beautiful garments. Reducing fashion’s impact on the environment was a critical element for us to welcome suppliers and partners into the Junk Republic family for their vision and commitment to sustainable production.


We love our prints and so do our Customers. But what does this mean for the environment? We have elected to work with Think Positive locally who use soy based inks and have unique methods for reducing the amount of water used during printing, thus minimising their impact on the environment. With their operations based in Sydney our fabrics have to travel only a short distance, a couple of suburbs away to commence production of our beautiful garments.


We have partnered with NoIssue for our compostable mailers and tissue paper that your order is delivered in. For every order with NoIssue a tree is planted somewhere in the world. The reforestation program is called the Eco-Packaging Alliance and Junk Republic is proud to be a part of this great initiative. To compost your mailers, remember to remove the shipping label and compost only the bag at this time. We are working on obtaining compostable labels. As soon as compostable labels are available we will ensure they also form part of our packaging to ensure you order is as sustainable as possible. NoIssue use soy based inks and acid free paper for their tissue paper.


To get your parcels to you in the fastest and most carbon neutral way possible, we have partnered with Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery company. When we submit parcels for delivery, Sendle calculates the amount of potential carbon dioxide emissions that delivery generates and then offsets these emissions through funding projects that reduce these emissions. To learn more about Sendle visit our Shipping + Returns page here

ethically made

At Junk Republic we also value people. It takes a team to create our beautiful garments and we take pride in our philosophy of respect for all. We engage only with suppliers and manufacturers that share our values and have taken steps to ensure the integrity of their supply chain. We also believe in supporting our local economy and garment industry, and for that reason all Junk Republic garments are designed and proudly manufactured here in Australia. We work only with suppliers who are committed to providing their workers with fair working conditions.


Junk Republic was founded out of my increasing frustration with the lack of available options in good quality, sustainable, ethical and fun active and swimwear for women like me. Women with curves, with booty, with boobs, with thighs and those extra wobbly bits.


Active and swimwear have been a significant part of my life living on the east coast of Australia, so I embarked on creating a brand that would empower women to embrace their body. Designing the perfect fit has been at the top of my list of priorities, to provide women with active and swimwear that fit their curves. I have given birth to three children so curves are a plenty and I do feel that fitting things to my body will enable me to craft something that will fit other women and their curves well.


I have never considered myself a consumer of fashion, shopping only now and then and keeping my clothes for years on end. But during my quest to find the right fabrics for ultimate comfort and fit, I discovered the impact fashion is having on our planet. It was at that point I realised that I did not want to contribute to the problem but find ways to be part of the solution.
Along my two-year journey bringing Junk Republic to life, I spent a great deal of time looking for sustainable options, creating patterns, testing the fit and finding manufacturers locally in Sydney. It hasn’t been easy, but I do feel that the finished product is a great testament to a superior quality Australian made product from the latest available recycled materials.

I am committed to continuous improvement and will look for ways to improve everything that we do at Junk Republic. I welcome your feedback and suggestions at
Last, but most definitely not least, using our resources for good is as important as ever. There are so many great causes and limited opportunity to help. For me championing issues that are close to my heart is fundamental. As such, 10% of profits from the sale of every product goes towards charities that do great work.


Hope you love Junk Republic as much as I do!

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