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Essentially Pop: Lujza Releases Debut Single, ‘Caught Up'

Essentially Pop: Lujza Releases Debut Single, ‘Caught Up’

‘Caught Up’ is the new single from R&B Singer Lujza’s debut album of the same name.

The song has a very retro sound, and tells the classic take of boy meets girl.
Lujza’s rich and powerful vocals, coupled with a heavy beat, provide the perfect accompaniment to the retro sound of the instrumentals.

‘Caught Up’ is the culmination of Lujza’s long road to releasing her own music, and sees her exploring the deep and soulful side of her voice, as she expresses the emotions she feels in the song. A songwriter who tackles the lyrics first, she makes her priority the story that she wants her songs to tell. The album will tell tales of love, life and all that goes on in between, and serves as a perfect introduction to this new artist.

Lujza’s musical journey is one that has sadly been filled with rejection.

I’m still finding new edges and colour to my voice each day and am amazed at how it evolves.”
An opera singer in her earlier days, Lujza has a new confidence in her own voice and a new sound, and is looking forward to the release of her album, and all the adventures to come. You can pre-save ‘Caught Up’ here, and catch up with Lujza and her music online on Facebook, and Instagram.
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