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How to Care for Your Junk Republic Activewear

How to Care for Your Junk Republic Activewear

So you made the investment in eco friendly.

And what an investment it is! As with any significant purchase you need to ensure you care for it properly. So how do you do just that?

Well, it’s easy. But we will get to that in a moment. First question we need to tackle is why? Why should we care about making things last?

So, here goes. To reduce the impact of fashion on people and the planet, we need to move away from products that aren’t long lasting, are not ethically made and consume only new materials, towards products that are just the opposite of all that.

1.5 trillion litres of water is used by the fashion industry each year.
Each year only 15% of our clothing is recycled or donated.
The normal working hours for the average garment worker is 96 hours per week!

These stats are not here to scare you. They are here to help you choose knowing what your choice means. It’s not about doing it perfectly either, it’s about taking small steps with each informed decision to do your part. Recycled fibres consume less water. Recycled fabrics help reduce landfill, clear our oceans and contribute to a better planet. Choosing brands with a transparent supply chain helps ensure that we are not supporting slave labour and poor working conditions through our buying decisions.

At Junk Republic the number one thing we look for is fabrics that are recycled or organic and businesses that are focused on ongoing improvements to their approach and their supply chain. They share our values. They know that the job is never done. We must continue to strive to provide better options to you so the choice gets easier and easier.

So now you know why, let’s talk about how.

I did promise it is easy and it is.

Just turn your Junk Republic garments inside out, pop into the machine with like colours on a gentle cold wash. I highly recommend the use of a wash bag and drying on the clothes line without delay preferably in the shade.

No tumble drying, ironing or washing in hot water. This will ensure a long lasting garment that continues to be comfy, retains it’s elasticity with colours that pop.

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