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Promises - Unsigned Music Blog: Press Release

Promises – Unsigned Music Blog: Press Release

Singer and songwriter Lujza shared her latest track named “Promises.”

The new single was written out of frustration with an ex-lover, and the lyrics are based on the false promises that people make in relationships. Lujza can’t stand the toxicity, and manifests that she needs a man who will treat her right.

“Promises” is an empowering single, and Lujza’s quest for freedom and healing through courageously challenging deeply rooted human emotions will speak to audiences worldwide avid of witnessing the rise of new prodigious talents representing the new generation of artists like herself.

Lujza’s special aesthetics in terms of music ranges from pop to conscious alternative soul, and contemporary r&b. Her music is certainly in a category of its own. With a narrative that is in tune with the times, and a voice that deeply penetrates the human soul, Lujza never sets any boundary, relying on her emotions and intuitions through a meticulous and inspiring approach.


About Lujza (press release)

Raised by a single mother in the outskirts of Budapest, Lujza was surrounded by the arts from an early age. Trained in classical dance and music, Lujza has transitioned to all things soul to find her true sound. Drawing inspiration from Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, Lujza dives deeper into her sound inspired by her old school idols of Etta James, Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin to name just a few.

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