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To The Future of Girls - No better initiative

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To The Future of Girls – No better initiative

Growing up in a single parent all girl household, a good education was always an important part of the plan. Breaking the cycle and uplifting our future to be defined by ourselves rather than being female or where we come from was part of the vision Mum always had for us. But circumstances meant that when I was fourteen we relocated to Asia, resulting in a gap in my education.

Relocating to Australia some time later and attending school here in a different language was a huge a learning curve that taught me a lot. But… I had a school to go to. I had that crucial opportunity that enabled me to break my cycle and define my future for myself. Technical college (TAFE) initially studying accounting and two university degrees later, I still haven’t lost my appetite for knowledge and learning. And this is the opportunity that should be afforded to all girls no matter where they live!

Junk Republic now supports She’s the First!

This is one of the reasons I am so excited to announce that Junk Republic now supports She’s the First! Through every garment that you purchase from us we donate a share of the profits to support various initiatives.

We are just so thrilled to share with you the impact She’s the First is making because it needs to be shared and talked about. But first to some of the stats. Those of you that read my blogs, know that I love a good statistic as I believe they are there to be broken. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

  • 1 girl under the age of 15 is married every 7 seconds.
  • 130 million girls are out of school
  • Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys do.

Stats: She’s the First, World Bank, UNICEF

These stats need to change and change is needed sooner rather than later. So what is She’s the First doing to help make a change?

From the Global Girls’ Bill of Rights, to impacting 11,000+ girls every single day funding programs to provide girls education opportunities along with empowering the next generation of women to have a voice.

So in an attempt to be part of the change, we are proud to support She’s the First. As our brand grows so will our involvement with this great initiative. As you support our brand through the purchase of conscious garments, you also support their projects with every purchase you make. Currently, our support is focused on Sierra Leone. The recent lift on a ban on pregnant girls taking exams and attending school shows that while there is progress being made, there is still a long way to go.

See She’s the First’s 10 years of impact here through an amazing collection of videos or donate directly to She’s the First. To support She’s the First via Junk Republic visit our product pages where each product specifies the minimum contribution we make.

If you have any questions regarding our involvement or how to show your support please reach out to us at

Image Credit: Kate Lord via She's the First
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